Experts both laud and decry committee proposals on cyber crime

NEW DELHI: Internet policy experts and cyber security specialists are at variance with each other on the recommendations of the T K Viswanathan committee on cybercrime. The Internet Freedom Foundation, a volunteer collective that campaigned heavily in favour of net neutrality last year, criticised the “opaque” functioning of the committee, demanding a public consultation on the recommendations. However, cyber security consultant Rakshit Tandon believes that the committee’s proposal on setting up district-level cyber cells and giving investigating powers to sub-inspectors are a move towards efficiency.

In a statement issued on Wednesday posted along with the text of the recommendations, the IFF urged the government to hold a public consultation on the issue. The IFF said the new proposals resemble the quashed Section 66 A of the IT Act, which was widely criticised for chilling free speech.

Tandon, who holds workshops

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