How Shay Mitchell Teamed Up with Ashton Kutcher to Fight Sexual Harassment Online

Sexual exploitation can take place in a variety of ways — but in the digital age, it’s largely happening via computer and phones screen in the form of “sextortion.”

Never heard of the term? Well, Shay Mitchell can explain. The Pretty Little Liars actress recently teamed up with Thorn, a nonprofit organization cofounded by Ashton Kutcher dedicated to building technology to defend kids from sexual abuse.

In an animated PSA video narrated by Mitchell, a cat character breaks down the term sextortion, which is a cybercrime that relies on victims feeling too ashamed to ask for help when an abuser threatens to distribute their intimate images — a huge problem among teens today.

“Okay, so you did a thing,” Mitchell says in a voiceover. “You sent a picture of yourself with no clothes on — something you thought wouldn’t be shared.”

“Seemed like a good

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