Monica Lewinsky’s Anti-Cyber-Bullying Campaign Recreates Online Trolling In Real Life

Comments made by online trolls are recreated in real-life situations in a new campaign made by BBDO together with activist and former infamous White House intern Monica Lewinksy.

The film sees actors playing the roles of both the abuser and victim, as real-life bystanders intervene to defend the victims. For example, a man starts to insult two gay men in a coffee shop; a woman starts abusing Muslims in the park; another women starts to insult someone about her weight and two girls tell another girl how worthless she is out in the street.

In all the situations, passersby (who are unaware that the action is being played out by actors), step in and are shocked by the comments. That’s commendable, but the role-playing highlights how unlikely it is that any of these comments would actually be said face-to-face in today’s society–but are sadly all too common online, where there may not

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