UK wants to tax Twitter and Facebook in the fight against cyber-bullying

UK ministers said today Facebook and Twitter could be asked to pay a levy for the “undeniable suffering” they have caused amongst young people.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley suggested an “industry-wide levy,” where social media companies and service providers fund campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet, amongst other proposals. She also indicated she wants social media platforms to reveal the scale of online hate found on their websites in order to take a more direct approach towards these issues.

Various foundations which promote internet safety awareness and those who help tackle these problems would receive the money collected, in hopes of building a safer internet community. No specific figures have been declared yet as the options are still in discussion.

Bradley urged for a voluntary social media “code of practice” to take down any offensive or bullying online content as quick as possible. She added, “Collaboratively, government, industry, parents

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