Your smart TV, fridge could be hacked a lot more easily than you may think

Akash came home from work to find his home had been ransacked. There was no sign of a break-in or any other struggle. It looked as if the thieves had just walked in through the front door. On closer investigation, Akash learnt that he wasn’t robbed by run-of-the-mill crooks.

These were intelligent hackers, who got access to his Smart TV and used that to access his home security system and completely disable it.

Even though Akash knew about the risks smart gadgets pose, he never thought he would be a victim, or that his TV could be used for such a crime.

Every day there is a new connected home gadget claiming to make your life easier and better. From our phones being able to play our favorite tunes on demand, to the lights and air-conditioners automatically turning on when we

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