11 VIDEOS Kaspersky conference 2017: APAC cyber espionage very bad, but worst still to come

Kaspersky Lab. The company is now 20 years old, and has evolved a deep threat intelligence and security expertise portfolio of products and services. These fight against ever more intricate and evolving digital threats, and protect 400 million users and 270,000 corporate clients globally, with Kaspersky Lab famously uncovering various nation-state level malware and hacking activities before its competitors.

Just concluded is the company’s 3rd annual APAC Cyber Security Conference, in Thailand, with the company seeking to unravel the truth on the worsening cyber espionage problem against countries, governments, critical infrastructure and companies in the dynamic and turbulent Asia Pacific region.

Once just a plot of fanciful James Bond or certain Bruce Willis movies, among others, cyber espionage has grown so fast and so far, including startlingly sophisticated nation-state hacking activities, that cyber espionage is beyond an alarming threat.