Kaspersky Lab signs threat intelligence sharing agreement with INTERPOL


In a fight against cyber crime, Kaspersky Lab signed a threat intelligence sharing agreement with INTERPOL.

Kaspersky’s experts have regularly cooperated with INTERPOL to share fresh cyber threat discoveries with police in its member countries.

The antivirus and internet security software company participated in a groundbreaking INTERPOL-led cybercrime operation that identified nearly 9,000 botnet command and control (C2) servers and hundreds of compromised websites, including government portals, across the ASEAN region.

Kaspersky Lab has also previously assisted in a global operation coordinated by the INTERPOL Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore to disrupt the Simda criminal botnet – a network of over 770,000 infected PCs around the world.

INTERPOL has helped Kaspersky Lab experts to test and improve a free open-source tool that enables quicker and easier cyber threat research.

Anton Shingarev, vice-president for public affairs of Kaspersky Lab, said: “Sharing intelligence is vital in tackling today’s ever-growing threat landscape

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