Preventing cyber crime is central to GCHQ’s mission, says chief

The head of the UK’s spy agency GCHQ has said that protecting Britain from cyber crime must be as central to its mission as defending the country from terrorism.

Jeremy Fleming spelt out his vision for the future direction of the agency in the opinion pages of the Sunday Telegraph [8 October] after the National Cyber Security Centre, which was set up a year ago within GCHQ, issued its first report last week [3 October].

The NCSC is the centrepiece of a five-year National Security Strategy that was launched by the British government in 2016, under which it pledged to invest £1.9 billion in cyber security by 2020.

“In my view, the Government was right to house the NCSC in GCHQ,” Fleming said in the article. “Over the past year, it has responded to nearly 600 significant incidents requiring a national, coordinated response.”

Recent cyber attacks

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