How much do you know about impostor email scams?

Business Email Compromise or impostor email scams are attractive to cyber-criminals who want a simple strategy that gives them high returns – what types should you be aware of?

Business Email Compromise scams are growing more prevalent as cybercrime incidents increase across the board. With cyber-criminals eyeing up even more businesses than ever before, it’s wise to be aware of the different varieties of impostor email threats you might encounter in work.

Security firm Proofpoint put together this useful infographic with some vital knowledge that everyone should be arming themselves with to avoid falling victim to cybercrime.

According to Proofpoint, impostor email threats have hit more than 70,000 companies since the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Centre began tracking this variety of scam in late 2013. Although many messages can be easily detected as phishing scams, the ones that slip through the cracks could cost millions in fraudulent transfers.

Four main types

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