Derby school software aims to combat cyber-bullying and suicidal thoughts

DERBY, Kan. (KWCH) Parents, a new program could help you keep better track of what your child’s doing on-line and even help stop possible cyber-bullying or suicidal thoughts.

Gina Thraikill, a Derby parent of three knows the challenges that come with keeping an eye on her children’s online and social media use.

“I know I try to monitor my kids but its a full time job, because there’s so much of it and so many things I don’t know about that I think a lot of parents don’t know about, hidden apps and that kind of thing,” Thraikill said.

Monday, the Derby school board will vote to install Securly, a new, free program on middle schooler’s Chromebooks.

Derby district communication director Katie Carlson said the program monitors and alerts school administrators whenever its filters find words or searches indicating cyber-bullying or a student wanting to self-harm.

“It could potentially save a life. We are

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