Re:Scam is the scammer email fighting chatbot

Scam emails range from funny to frustrating, with many in broken English causing the internet savvy to chuckle, while others are well-made enough to commit successful phishing attacks.

But some $12 billion is lost annually across the globe thanks to scammers, and even when we spot them they can still be a waste of time, clogging up inboxes and requiring purging.

Now cyber security firm Netsafe wants to fight back with Re:scam, an email chatbot that will reply to the scammer in a fashion that wastes as much of the cyber criminal’s time as possible.

Dodgy emails can simply be forwarded onto where a proxy email address will take over and let the Re:scam chatbot go to work.

It does plenty of things a scammer would find irritating such as forgetting to send attachments and asking questions in a polite yet deliberately wind-up fashion.

Chatbots have been used

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