Birmingham children as young as NINE are becoming victims of cyber bullying

Children as young as nine are struggling with online bullies, according to Childline.

Staff at the Birmingham helpline are dealing with 47 per cent more calls about cyber-bullying than they were five years ago.

And it’s girls and 12 to 15 year-olds who are calling the most to talk about online troubles, particularly on social media.

Name-calling, rumour spreading, blackmail and even death threats are just some of the ways young people have told counsellors they are being tormented.

NPSCC (picture posed by model)
(Image: Tom Hull)

One boy told Childline: “I’m being bullied on social media by people who call me fat and ugly. I can’t block them because then they’ll just bully me even more at school.

“I don’t want to talk to my teachers about it, I just feel like giving up. I’ve been self-harming to cope but I just want to stop feeling this way.”


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