Rate My Professor is cyber bullying

RateMyProfessor.com is a wonderful way to determine which professors fit your learning style, but it can also harbor something much darker. Like the rest of the internet, RMP can turn into a hive of cyberbullying and attacks against professors. The anonymity provided can serve as a breeding ground for hateful or derogatory attacks, which has affected NEIU.

Like elsewhere, these attacks can be sexually demeaning or plain spiteful. While the site guidelines ask students reviewing professors to “be honest and objective” and avoid personal attacks. However, the same can be said about Twitter, another anonymous posting site that has dealt with an ever-increasing issue of threats.

One of the primary problems with RMP, as anyone who has used the site can attest to, is that the reviews have very little middle ground. Either a professor is excellent or miserable, too hard or laughably

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