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2018 Cyber Security


Technology Strategist, Pacific,

This past year, cyber criminals
caused major service disruptions around the world, using
their increasing technical proficiency to break through
cyber defences. In 2018, we expect the trend to become more
pronounced as these attackers will use machine learning and
artificial intelligence to launch even more potent

Gear up for a busy year ahead. Incidents like the
WannaCry attack, which impacted more than 200,000 computers worldwide in
May, are just the warmup to a new year of more virulent
malware and DDoS attacks. Meanwhile, cyber criminals are
poised to step up their attacks on the millions of devices
now connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) both in
offices and homes.

The cybersecurity landscape in 2018 is
sure to surprise us in ways that we never imagined. As 2017
draws to a

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