A crash course on Australia’s cyber security landscape before mandatory data breach notification begins

Cyber crime is becoming more sophisticated, as are the measures to defend against it. But the most prominent attacks are the most basic and can be prevented by proactively addressing known cyber security vulnerabilities.

Mandatory data breach notification obligations commence on 23 February 2018, which means that businesses may no longer have the option to conceal cyber security breaches that have compromised their networks. Cyber security awareness should thus be a priority to reduce the risk of both legal and reputational damage.

In this respect, the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) 2017 Threat Report is a useful resource that details current trends in Australia’s cyber landscape and the means to counter these threats. The ACSC’s core observation is that cyber attacks are increasing in sophistication, particularly against government networks, but so are the defence measures against it.

Developments ‒ cyber criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated

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