It’s the golden age of cyber crime — here’s how the US must prepare for it

Sad to say, but this is a good time to be in the business of cyber crime.

We have put almost everything out there in cyberspace — personal data, intellectual property, even access to the controls of critical infrastructure. And we have been woefully deficient in defending it.

Commercial and government networks share a problem: bad cyber hygiene. We put off patching applications and operating systems even when their authors tell us there is a vulnerability. We click on malware-infested emails because they look harmless. And we keep connecting cars, cameras, TVs and toasters to the Internet, every one of them giving attackers another way to infiltrate.

The government in particular, recognizing cyber crime as a direct threat to our nation, wants new ways to protect its networks and a holistic approach to cybersecurity. There are no easy answers in cybersecurity, but there are some very clear ways to get better at it.


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