Students tackle scourge of cyber bullying with videos

Event MC Const. Dave Marynuik, a school resource officer in St. Catharines, said the students were taking a stance against cyber bullying by taking part in the competition. He urged them to challenge other students, even their friends, if they see them bullying others electronically.

“These words are hurtful and they affect someone for the rest of their lives,” he said. “You need to take a stand to protect people.

“What you guys have put together is absolutely amazing.”

Const. Dennis Andree, organizer of this year’s event, said cyber bullying was chosen for this year because bullying via social media has become so commonplace. He hopes the videos will help to nip destructive cyber bullying in the bud by getting young people to think of the damage they’re causing to others.

“You can’t unsend it,” he said. “Our focus is to stop it before it starts. (It’s) the scars you can see.”

Along those lines,

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