Why Android explosion is attracting cyber criminals on the dark web

Google’s Android operating system, which has transformed the smartphone market landscape, is powering more than two billion devices (including phones, tablets, televisions, etc.) and has just started to pick up speed in the enterprise world.

Such explosive growth is catching the attention of cyber criminals. Already we are seeing an uptick in Android ransomware kits in underground markets, selling for a much higher prices. Carbon Black’s research discloses that the median price of ransomware targeting Windows OS is $10, while Android-capable ransomware has a median range of $200.

Android ransomware is sure to proliferate in parallel with hardware advances as devices such as smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing other gadgets we use both at home and in the workplace. Some estimate there will be more than six billion smartphones by 2020. Many of these devices are being used for everything ranging from web browsing, paying bills, online banking,

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