2017 Threat Trends – The Year in Review

2017 was another landmark year for cybersecurity. In reviewing our quarterly Threat Landscape reports, it is clear that 2017 has been notable primarily for three things: the rapid digital transformation and expansion of the potential attack surface, the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks, and a lapse in basic cybersecurity hygiene, largely being driven by digital transformation coupled with the growing cybersecurity skills gap.

Let’s take a look at some of the issues that have challenged the cybersecurity community.

The expanding attack surface

2017 was the year of digital transformation. Traditional network environments were upended by the rapid adoption of things like cloud infrastructure and cloud-based applications and services, the virtualization of data centers, the integration of billions of new, connected IoT devices, and the continued expansion of mobility, BYOD, and related applications.

Because this change has happened so rapidly, many organizations have had to scramble to find ways to extend security to new

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