1 out of 10 people receive false tax e-filing mails – Deccan Chronicle

Hyderabad: Taxmen have always been after your money, but he is legit. Somebody else is also after your hard-earned money and he happens to be a crook. ‘E-filing’ of income-tax returns is the latest in phishing scams authored by these crooks. So rampant is the incidence of late that one out of every 10 mail users have reported receiving emails from fraudsters claiming to be from the ‘Board of Income-Tax’, say Cyber Crime officials.

One of the first things a cyber criminal does is to extract identification and security details of an individual. The mail asks for details of the user’s bank account. A typical deceptive mail begins by telling the individual tax payer that an account audit was conducted on January 4, 2018 and the review revealed that the tax assessee is entitled to a tax refund of Rs (XXXX). The amount differs in subsequent mails ostensibly to give the

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