Now is the Busy Season for Cyber Criminals Posing as Executives to Obtain W-2s

It’s the start of tax season, and many employers are sending W-2 forms to employees so they can get ready to file their tax returns.

As was true over the past few years, this is not only the busy season for tax preparers, but also for cyber criminals seeking to reap millions from U.S. taxpayers by filing false tax returns to get a fraudulent tax refund.

This time of year is such a boon for cyber criminals that the Internal Revenue Service has repeatedly issued warnings to companies that cyber criminals are posing as executives in an oldie but goody scam. The scam works like this: the cyber criminal is able to compromise the email of the company by sending a spoofing email that looks like it is coming from the CEO, CFO or Director of Finance to an employee in the payroll department or someone in Human Resources that s/he “needs

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