Schools to keep a check on online predators – The Hindu

Amidst fears of children being vulnerable to online bullying and other pitfalls on social media, schools across the State will now have to pay special attention to cybersecurity and ensure that their students are taught about the safe use of technology.

One of the draft rules of the Karnataka Educational Institutions (Classification, Regulation and Prescription of Curricula, etc) Amendment Rules-2017 states that students need to be educated on the consequences of cyber-bullying and harassment. Social networking sites should be blocked at all times in schools, and sites containing adult content need to be restricted.

The draft rules tackle the topic of unsupervised access to the Net, and notes that children in computer labs or those who have access to electronic devices need to be supervised by teachers or staff at all times. Every school has to maintain a record and report all cases of cyber-bullying and harassment, with sensitivity

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