Increased attacks on industrial organisations forecast in 2018

With one of the fastest growing types of threats on global industrial organisations in 2017 being targeted attacks, this year will see stronger emergence of specific malware targeting industrial automation components.

This is according to Kaspersky Lab’s IT Security Risks research, which surveyed industrial companies across the globe. The research found 28% of the 962 industrial companies surveyed have faced targeted attacks in the last 12 months. That’s 8 percentage points more than 2017, when only 20% of the industrial market experienced targeted attacks.

The research found around 48% of businesses in the industrial sector stated that there’s insufficient insight into the threats specifically faced by their business. Out of all the companies that participated in the survey, every fourth company has faced a variety of cyber attacks, warns Kaspersky Lab.

“Faced with a lack of network visibility, 87% of industrial players responded affirmatively when asked if any of the information technology

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