Chico cyber-bullying case getting attention online

Chico, Calif.–A pleasant valley high school senior is being bullied over the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

On Thursday many of those messages were getting a lot of attention online after a friend of the victim posted some of the screenshots for others to see.

Kaitlin Danielson is 23-years-old but she remembers all too well what high school was like. That’s why when she heard that one of her friends, a senior at the school was being cyber bullied, she took to the internet.

“I just wanted to orchestrate something that was more focused on her being able to see a support system,” she said.

The messages used inappropriate language to make fun of the victim’s physical appearance.

Many students were shocked by some of the messages.

“I couldn’t imagine receiving this or if I was a parent like seeing that, if I had to

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