The changing face of bullying: What parents need to know

SUNSHINE Coast schools are lining up for programs to help protect kids from the burgeoning threat of cyber bullying.

Headspace Maroochydore community and youth officer Jacinta Hesse said cyber bullying was still a growing and evolving beast, and education on social media features heavily in Headspace’s bullying prevention program.

“That’s a huge part of young people lives in today’s day,” Miss Hesse said.

“There’s still that backyard, schoolyard biffs and brawls as we would think of bullying back in the day, but it is changing.”

Miss Hesse spoke to the Sunshine Coast Daily as an online anti-bullying campaign gained momentum in the wake of Queensland schoolgirl Amy “Dolly” Jane Everett’s suicide.

Miss Hesse believed most Sunshine Coast schools were making an effort to prevent bullying, with 15 schools already completing the Headspace anti-bullying program since it was launched last year.

Miss Hesse said the program was launched after studies showed 46.8 per cent of

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