Cyber crime, economic offences rose multiple-fold in 2017

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Pune: The city recorded a marginal 3% drop in overall crimes in 2017, barring incidences of vehicle theft, molestation and drug peddling, as compared to 2016. However, cyber crime complaints and economic offences registered an almost three- and four-fold increase respectively.

Serious crimes like murder, robbery and chain-snatching, among others, continued to show a declining trend over the four years since 2014. In fact, chain-snatchings dropped from a high of 512 cases in 2014 to under 100 cases in 2017.

While the crime detection rate went up by almost 100%, the conviction rate dropped noticeably for serious crimes as well as offences under special enactments.

“Our efforts are on to increase the conviction rate,” police commissioner Rashmi Shukla said while releasing Pune’s

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