‘Whatever you are spending on cyber security is not enough’

“Whatever you are spending on cybersecurity is not enough,” Detective Superintendent Michael Gubbins of the Garda Cyber Crime Bureau told a conference on cyber fraud in University College Cork yesterday.

The conference, Hacking the Human: Cyber Fraud in a Digital Age, heard that cyber fraud is under-reported at both corporate and individual level, and that businesses suffered ransomware attacks such as the NotPetya virus which locks a user’s computer until a ransom is paid to the hackers responsible.

Det Supt Gubbins said few such attacks are reported to the Garda Cyber Crime Bureau.

“Someone came to me after a similar talk to this and said: ‘Actually, I know a couple of companies, they were victims of NotPetya, it’s not widely known, it cost them a lot of money and they are still trying to mediate,’ ” said Det Supt Gubbins after the event.

He said the issue is under-reported globally, and that his appearance

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