Schoolgirl receives death-threats from bullies using ‘cyber-bullying’ app

Schoolgirl sent death-threats from trolls using 'cyber-bullying' app
Loretta Chester and her daughter, Jazzminn Chester, 14, with some of the messages (Picture: BPM Media)

A schoolgirl is warning others to be aware of an app that has allowed bullies to comment vile death threats anonymously on her social media posts.

Jazzminn Chester, 14, was told to ‘cut herself to death’ and ‘just do people a favour and commit’ by anonymous trolls using the app Sarahah – which has over 300 million users worldwide.

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It can be used in conjunction wioth Snapchat and allows people to give feedback on social media pictures without revealing their identity.

Creators of Sarahah claim it can be used as a ‘self development tool’ to ‘discover areas of improvement’ and was originally

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