HID Global Partners With ThreatMark For Anti-Fraud Tech

HID Global has announced a new partnership aimed at developing anti-fraud technologies for the financial services sector.HID Global Teams with RD Lab to Develop Anti-Fraud Solutions for Financial Services

Its new partner, ThreatMark, bills itself as an RD lab specializing in malware detection, artificial intelligence, and behavioral biometrics. The firm is based in the Czech Republic and has a London office as well.

In a statement announcing their collaboration, the companies did not offer specifics as to the solutions they will develop, but suggested that their focus would be to develop capabilities that will enable financial institutions to better detect digital threats including “malware, application hacking, phishing, account takeover, identity theft and fraudulent transactions.” HID Global added that its Identity Access Management technologies will “complement ThreatMark’s expertise in cyber-criminal detection and fraud prevention.”

“Working with ThreatMark not only provides a partnership

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