Ontario man charged over huge cyber crime selling stolen identities

TORONTO (NEWS 1130) – Police believe they’ve nabbed a Toronto area-man responsible for one of the largest cyber crimes in recent memory.

Jordan Bloom, 27, of Thornhill, is accused of selling stolen personal identities through the website LeakedSource.com, a huge online database which apparently made three billion pieces of stolen data available for purchase.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Maurizio Rosa says a lot of the information was obtained through previous well-publicized breaches.

“He was able to then purchase or access those username and credentials that had been stolen, basically, illicitly from those legitimate websites.”

Rosa says people may still be at risk.

“That password if it has been compromised in the past due to illegal or criminal activity may still be used to compromise sites and services that they are still accessing by re-using the same password and/or username.”

Online security expert Dominic Vogel with Cyber SC says one way to protect yourself is to avoid using

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