Colchester cyber criminal admits helping hackers get past anti-virus software

A cyber-criminal who made more than £32,000 from illegal dealings has admitted running a product-testing service for hackers.

Goncalo Esteves, 24, of Cape Close, Colchester, ran the website, which allowed offenders to test, for a fee, whether their malicious cyber tools could beat anti-virus scanners.

Esteves used Skype to give advice and customer support on the products he was selling.

Under the pseudonym KillaMuvz, he also sold custom-made malware-disguising products and offered technical support to users.

He pleaded guilty to two computer misuse offences and a count of money laundering at Blackfriars Crown Court.

Esteves called his encryption tools Cryptex Reborn and Cryptex Lite, which could be used by hackers to improve their chances of dodging anti-virus software.

He sold them for use in packages which varied in price according to the length of the licence.