Cyber security: mind the (skills) gap

The digital landscape has grown at a rapid pace over the past 10 years, says Vikas Kapoor, Practice head – Cybersecurity and GRC at In2IT Technologies. This growth is increasing year-on-year as new trends are uncovered along with their enabling technologies. The sheer scale of our connected, digital world means that the scope for cyber crime has also broadened. As each new technology is unveiled, it introduces a new security risk.

South Africa has seen a steady rise in cyber crime, jumping to rank as the 3st most cyber attacked country in the world out of 117 countries. The situation is dire, and not helped by our vast shortage of cyber security skills. Cyber security professionals are constantly having to play catch up, and the development of cyber security skills is simply not keeping pace with digital and technological expansion – a lack which cyber criminals are capitalising on.


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