Experts say computer hacks are more common than ever

CORALVILLE, Iowa (KCRG-TV9) “Don’t put anything on the internet that you don’t want anyone else seeing because they probably will at some point,” said Procircular Security Engineer Bryan Prathr-Huff.

Cybercrime is a growing threat and targeting every person and business on the internet. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts cyber crime will cost the world more than 6 trillion dollars in less than five years. That makes it more profitable than all of the major illegal drug trades combined. TV9 looked into how likely you are to become a victim.

While breaches at major corporations get headlines, every day people are becoming increasing targets for hackers. From smart watches to smart cars, we have more devices than ever that are connected to the internet and can be hacked. Cyber security experts say the internet is growing faster than our ability to secure it.

“They’re looking to use your computer or part of your computer to

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