How AI will underpin cyber security in the next few years

New opportunities

Based in the UK, RazorSecure is an example of a cyber security company that is capitalising on the potential of AI. It uses AI techniques to recognise attacks targeting the aviation, rail and automotive markets, and is one of nine cyber security firms chosen to take part in GCHQ’s latest Cyber Accelerator.

Alex Cowan, CEO at RazorSecure, says AI and deep learning will transform cyber security approaches in the coming years. “Artificial intelligence is a big part of the future of cyber security,” he says. “One of the key areas we must solve is how to not only use deep learning for correlation detection, but also causation. Without understanding the ‘why’ behind a cyber security incident, we will always be chasing false positives and lacking the ability to prioritise a growing queue of cyber security incidents.

“Cyber security is a difficult enough

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