IRS Warns Of Increase In Phishing Scams Targeting Employee W-2s

The Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”), along with state tax agencies and the tax industry, recently issued a warning to employers about increasingly prevalent “phishing” email scams targeting the W-2 tax form information of employees.

The IRS’s warning comes at the peak of the tax season, when employers are providing their workforces with annual W-2 tax forms. While cyber criminals use a host of techniques to steal sensitive and personal information from organizations and individuals, the specific scheme being warned of involves a cyber criminal posing as an employee or officer of an organization and requesting via email that another employee—usually in the payroll department—send them employees’ W-2 forms. In many cases, the cyber criminal will identify a high-level individual at the organization to impersonate, such as a C-suite executive or school administrator, increasing the likelihood that the payroll employee will comply with the request and provide the

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