Support for schools in battle to help keep young people safe online

SCHOOLS are being supported to protect children from online dangers.

A police-led Bradford District Cyber Team is staging awareness-raising initiatives and events, to help both schools and parents.

The PCSO team – comprising Izac Spencer, Sergeant Adam Taylor, Luke Carson, Samina Potrick, Samia Arif, Sergeant Rajwinder Driver, Joanne Cato and Michael Wright – is based at Lawcroft House police station in Bradford, but works across the district.

It was initially set-up as a pilot scheme in 2015, and has proved hugely successful.

The team works predominantly with primary school children, ranging in age from seven to 11.

It visits more than 150 schools as part of its work, but is also keen on parental involvement.

“Cyber crime is the fastest-growing crime type,” said Sgt Taylor.

“The team keeps well informed of new and emerging trends so that we can raise awareness

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