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Director Addresses Cyber Conference

Wray said there are numerous different types of cyber threats facing the country—nation-state intrusions, hacktivists, insider threats, and, more recently, the so-called “blended threat” of nation-states using criminal hackers to work for them.

But as hackers and criminals evolve, the FBI is changing, too, Wray said.

The Bureau is developing the cyber skills of its workforce and organizing its personnel to work the threat most effectively. For example, the FBI’s Cyber Action Teams can deploy at a moment’s notice, much the way counterterrorism teams respond to an attack or threat. Additionally, Cyber Task Forces in every FBI field office respond to breaches, conduct investigations, and collect actionable intelligence. The FBI is also strategically embedding cyber agents with international partners to build relationships and coordinate investigations.

Wray cited recent cyber successes, including the international effort to take down Darknet marketplaces AlphaBay and Hansa Market, as well as identifying and bringing indictments against four hackers

Read more at: https://www.fbi.gov/news/stories/international-conference-on-cyber-security-2018

Local Police Department Addresses Cyber-bullying

Pea Ridge Police addressed the issue of cyber-bullying and online harassment in a post on their Facebook page Monday.

Officer Mike Lira made the post in October which is national bullying prevention awareness month.

“It got me thinking about how there’s so much negativity and so much bullying going on, I wish people would just think before they click it,” said Lira. “Click with compassion. Think before you talk and think before you click and if it’s not something you would say in person, don’t do it.”

At the time of writing this article, the post had multiple positive responses and numerous shares.

Shane Henson commented on the post saying, “I enjoy the updates provided about our town and what the Police do to keep it safe and clean. I have removed several pages that I followed because of this very thing. “

Lira says locals should reach out

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‘I’m going to be a better man’: Kevin Hart addresses sextortion scandal with fans during Georgia performance

Paul Chavez For Dailymail.com



Kevin Hart addressed his

Read more at: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-4916178/Kevin-Hart-addresses-sextortion-scandal-show.html

Cyber Criminals Cash In: College .edu Addresses in High Demand on Dark Web

A new form of cybercrime created by sophisticated foreign governments and organized crime rings are generating top security risks to colleges and universities worldwide. Hackers work around the clock to steal college credentials that access creative work, sensitive research, and personal information, potentially costing millions of dollars in lost revenue and fraud.

According to a March report published by the Internet safety advocacy group Digital Citizen Alliance, nearly 14 million email addresses and passwords belonging to faculty, staff, students, and alumni at higher education institutions are for sale on the dark web.

“Stolen credentials can be the first step down the path to more sensitive personal information, access to valuable intellectual property, and potentially identity theft,” the authors said.

Likewise, two-year schools like San Jacinto College are regularly targeted by hackers where most members of the academic community are unaware of the black market demand for their .edu credentials.

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WATCH: Keys addresses cyber bullying

Madison Keys is on a mission against social media abuse.

Following a first-round defeat in Charleston to Shelby Rogers, the 22-year-old took to Twitter, sharing some of the abusive messages that she had received.

Keys said her ability to take a stand is tied to improved personal confidence.

“I think part of that has been being more vocal about certain things on Twitter. I just think if we are all quiet and we don’t talk about things, then nothing is going to get better,” she said, speaking to local press ahead of Charleston.

In a newly released TenniStory presented by Tennis Express feature for the Tennis Channel, she talks about her struggles online, and even reads some of the tweets aloud.


Her social media activism is also tied

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