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New law steps up against cyber bullying


HANTS EAST: Government introduced a new law intended to help protect victims of cyber-bullying.

The proposed Intimate Images and Cyber-protection Act responds to the harms of sharing intimate images without consent and cyber-bullying. It also protects and upholds the fundamental freedoms of thought, belief, opinion and expression.

“Smartphones and social media have taken bullying from the playground, campus, or workplace to online and quickly in the hands of many, where the victim has no escape,” said Justice Minister Mark Furey. “This act will help address the issues with the original act and helps victims by providing options for dealing with the people who want to harm them.”

The Nova Scotia Supreme Court struck down the original legislation in this area, the Cyber-safety Act, in 2015. That law, the first of its kind in Canada, assisted many Nova Scotians who were

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Local schools take action against cyber bullying

According to statistics at bullingstatistic.org, over half of all adolescents and teens have been bullied online and over 25 percent of those young people have been bullied repeatedly. This issue can also be found among Galt students. According to Ron Rammer, principal at McCaffery Middle School, about five percent of his students have been cyber bullied even though the highest percentages can be found among high school students.

“If we are made aware of an incident, we try to download the messages, involve our school resource officer and parents,” Rammer said. “School consequences of varying degrees are given to the perpetrator. Administration and the school counselor try to keep an eye on the situation to make sure it does not continue.”

According to Donna Mayo-Whitlock, director of educational services for Galt Joint Union Elementary School District (GJUESD), each year the Sacramento District Attorney’s Office speaks with eighth graders on cyber bullying

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UK wants to tax Twitter and Facebook in the fight against cyber-bullying

UK ministers said today Facebook and Twitter could be asked to pay a levy for the “undeniable suffering” they have caused amongst young people.

Culture secretary Karen Bradley suggested an “industry-wide levy,” where social media companies and service providers fund campaigns to raise awareness of the dangers of the internet, amongst other proposals. She also indicated she wants social media platforms to reveal the scale of online hate found on their websites in order to take a more direct approach towards these issues.

Various foundations which promote internet safety awareness and those who help tackle these problems would receive the money collected, in hopes of building a safer internet community. No specific figures have been declared yet as the options are still in discussion.

Bradley urged for a voluntary social media “code of practice” to take down any offensive or bullying online content as quick as possible. She added, “Collaboratively, government, industry, parents

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From All Sides: How to Gird Customers Against Multi-Vector Cyber Attacks

Webroot's Tyler Moffitt

Tyler Moffitt

By Tyler Moffitt, Senior Threat Research Analyst, Webroot

One of the most common and worrisome threats in the current landscape are multi-vector attacks that combine various threat technologies, deployed in numerous stages, across multiple points of entry (vectors) to infect computers and networks. This blended approach increases both the cyber criminal’s likelihood of success and the severity of damage.

The range of vectors includes email, web browsers, display ads, hyperlinks, files, apps and external devices. More than 85 percent of malware infections occur via web browsing, according to recent analysis from my research team. Basic internet use is a high-risk activity for every customer. You need to emphasize the importance of being able to stop malware at every entry point, because after successfully breaching a system or network, attackers then use their access to deliver malicious payloads, such as adware, spyware, ransomware, keyloggers, viruses, rootkits, and data miners. Let’s first look at how these attacks happen, then discuss a framework to help stop them.


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What the good guys are up against: a roundup of popular attack vectors

Defenders face creative adversaries who are constantly evolving their attack arsenal. To help the good guys know what they’re up against, here are some of the attack vectors that have been frequently used in recent months. Some of these vectors – like fileless malware attacks and ransomware – are likely well-known to security professionals. But this doesn’t make them any less dangerous. Attackers are continuing to use them since they’ve proven effective in campaigns.

Memory-resident malware

This malware loads its own program into permanent memory. Memory-resident malware is also known as an ephemeral infection. Actors are increasingly coupling fileless intrusions with memory-resident malware as a way to evade traditional detection capabilities. The decision not to write to disk carries inherent risk of losing access to machines that have been rebooted. But some advanced threat actors have leveraged the constant network connectivity of most corporate networks to maintain persistence through covert communication channels

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Hrithik’s complaint against Kangana is back in focus

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Hrithik’s complaint against Kangana is back in focus

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Europol and Interpol reaffirm fight against cyber crime

Europol and Interpol have reconfirmed their strong commitment to continue their collaboration in the fight against cyber crime.

At the fifth annual Europol-Interpol Cybercrime Conference in The Hague, the two law enforcement organisations committed to building on successful examples of their cooperation.