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Video analytics, AI rise in 2018

A slew of high-profile breaches, including the largest data breach in South Africa’s history, in conjunction with a record number of armed robberies against businesses recorded last year, has moved security to the top of the priority list for many businesses.

In addition, cyber criminal organisations are increasingly sophisticated and well-funded, constantly finding new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, and widen the attack surface. And trends such as BYOD and the Internet of things, has only made this easier, by providing them with new access points.

South African companies are looking to stay up to date with the latest security trends in technology, which will enable them to opt for the most effective solutions that protect their property, personnel, customers and assets, says Roy Alves, sales director at Axis Communications.

Alves discusses several tech trends he sees coming to the fore in 2018. The first is the re-birth of video analytics. “For the

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Firms look to security analytics to keep pace with cyber threats

Security has changed dramatically over the decades. Companies can no longer risk focusing just on protecting physical assets such as offices and stock. With firms becoming increasingly reliant on technology and software to streamline everyday operations, it is crucial to have systems in place to protect digital property.

Cyber criminals are constantly trying to gain access to lucrative business data,

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Using advanced analytics in the war against cyber crime

William Lawrence, Regional Practice Lead: Fraud, SAS South Africa.

William Lawrence, Regional Practice Lead: Fraud, SAS South Africa.

Cyber security is a term that’s on an increasing number of lips today, especially following the weekend’s events over and above a spate of high profile data breaches that were made public in the past year. To name just two examples, the massive loss of customers’ personal details by the Ashley Madison dating Web site, after it was hacked last year, and the more recent subterfuge – ostensibly by Russian agents – related to the Democratic Party servers during the US elections.

William Lawrence, Regional Practice Lead: Fraud at SAS, points out that these examples suggest a significant shift in the nature of cyber crime. Just a few years ago, he says, this type of criminal activity would have been

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More companies are using artificial intelligence and analytics to fight against cyber threats

As hackers find more ways to compromise computers — from phishing to malicious web pages to taking advantage of user carelessness — and cyber-criminals go from pranksters or individual hackers to well-oiled commercial organizations that may even be funded by nation-states, security vendors are developing increasingly sophisticated technologies to help their customers fight back.

With the proliferation of attacks, security companies are being forced to search for new solutions as cyber-criminals go from pranksters or individual hackers to well-oiled commercial organizations that may even be funded by nation-states.

Rather than relying on a human to wade through megabytes, or gigabytes, of security and system log files, looking for those hints that mischief is afoot, they’re applying machine learning and analytics to the problem. Yes, your friendly neighbourhood AI is on the job.

Citrix Systems Inc., a company known mainly for its virtual desktop and remote access technologies, recently announced Citrix Analytics, a cloud-based service which

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Predictive analytics can stop ransomware dead in its tracks – CSO …

This past February marks the two-year anniversary when Livingston County, Michigan, was hit by ransomware. The wealthiest county in the state had three years’ worth of tax information possibly at the mercy of cybercriminals.

As a local government, county CIO Rich C. Malewicz said they have been a target of ransomware, but in this instance they had backups at the ready. He said the most memorable ransomware attack was a result of a watering hole campaign using malvertizing to infect users visiting a local news website. 

“This attack was very clever in that all you had to do to get infected was visit the website, you didn’t even have to click on the page. Once the user went to the local news website, they were immediately redirected to a site hosting exploit code and the infamous page appeared demanding a ransom with instructions,” he said.

The attackers embedded malicious code in the iframe that redirected

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Australia – Data Analytics, M2M, Cyber Crime and Data Centres

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Global Cloud Specialists are Driving Growth in the Australian Data Centre Market

Data Centres

BuddeComm has been supportive of the data centre market since the 1990s. However, it took nearly 20 years for the industry to reach its current position. The arrival of cloud computing, Big Data, M2M and IoT allowed for a large range of new services and applications, especially aimed at small and medium organisations.
The data centre market includes telehousing facilities, co-location facilities, cloud and IT services, content hosting, connectivity and interconnection. They are important for a range of business and government applications including new developments of cloud computing and the Internet of Things (M2M).

These developments have given an enormous boost to the data centre market, with investments totalling $5 billion over the 2011-2016 period. Investment in datacentres in Australia is still very strong, driven by the large

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