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Curbing cyber crime exposure via affective enterprise risk assessment

With the proliferation of Internet across the country, cyber crime has become the new underworld threat of this generation, and it is growing daily at an alarming rate. Though, the Internet creates unlimited opportunity for commercial, social, and educational activities but not without its own peculiar risk.
Today, technological advancement that should be seen as a positive development is being used as tool through various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, G.Mail, yahoo, Twitter among other social media to defraud the unsuspecting public. Most motives behind the crimes include making quick money, sexual harassment, playing pranks, and causing mayhem. This problem is faced by both the private and public sectors.
Instructively, this menace has raised the need for organisations, even government parastatals, to deploy a security solution that helps to identify

Read more at: https://guardian.ng/technology/curbing-cyber-crime-exposure-via-affective-enterprise-risk-assessment/