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North Korea Already Has a Devastating Weapon: Cyber attacks

As tensions rise over North Korea’s potential nuclear missile threat, U.S. officials and outside experts are increasingly concerned the rogue regime will respond to international pressure by lashing out with a weapon it has already mastered: cyber attacks that can disable corporate networks, steal money from banks and potentially disrupt critical infrastructure.

American intelligence officials have long ranked North Korea as one of the world’s more dangerous cyber actors, trailing only Russia, China and Iran among U.S. adversaries in its ability to inflict damage via computer networks.

In the best known incident in 2014, U.S. intelligence officials say, North Korean hackers attacked Sony Pictures, destroying corporate computers and disclosing sensitive company data. The U.S. accused North Korea of carrying it out in response to a film lampooning North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Experts say North Korea could deploy the same techniques to inflict harm not just on one company, but on the American

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Exploit Packages Lead to Five Million Attacks in Q2

Exploit leaks from the likes of the Shadow Brokers dominated the threat landscape in the second quarter, according to new stats from Kaspersky Lab.

The Russian AV firm detected over 342 million attacks in 191 countries in the period April-June this year, a fairly significant reduction from the 479m attacks seen in Q1.

However, over five million such threats spotted by the vendor came from leaked exploits; that is, malware designed to utilize software vulnerabilities to infect victim machines.

Such attacks are particularly dangerous as they typically don’t require user interaction to deliver malicious code.

The Kremlin-linked Shadow Brokers leak was particularly damaging, making public exploits thought to have been developed by the NSA.

These led to the notable WannaCry and NotPetya outbreaks which caused chaos and destruction across the globe, even at big-name organizations including international law firm DLA Piper, Danish shipper Maersk, German drug company Merck, and

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Shadow Broker exploit dumps five million cyber attacks

More than five million cyber attacks originated from a series of exploit archives dumped onto the internet between April and June this year, according to Kaspersky Lab.

Its software blocked more than five million attacks based on hacking group Shadow Brokers’ exploit dumps, but the rate of attacks using these tools is growing; more than 80% were detected during the last 30 days of the quarter.

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ThreatMetrix Q2 ’17 cyber crime report: highest-levels of attacks ever, targeting streaming and ride-sharing

Digital identity, security, anti-fraud, risk-based authentication and intelligence company ThreatMetrix has released its new Q2 2017 cyber crime report, revealing that “cyber crime has gone up nearly 100% since 2015”, with a key driver being “the rise of new account origination fraud, which has increased 30% since last quarter”.

The report is impressively detailed at 45 pages, and is available for free download after free registration.

We’re told that “stolen data off the back of global breaches is being used to not only apply for new loans and open eCommerce or banking accounts but also to perform attacks on less traditional industries”.

Vanita Pandey, vice-president of product marketing and strategy at ThreatMetrix, said: “As new business models take the digital

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Live Map of Cyber Attacks Shows How Big the Problem Has Become

Right now, there are dozens of cyberattacks raging across the globe — digital warheads being flung across state lines and international borders at corporations, people, and government computers. The military’s Defense Intelligence Agency monitors dozens, if not hundreds of cyber-attacks every day, many of which it fully acknowledges come from the massive insecure network of internet-capable devices, aka the “internet of things.”

“As the world becomes more interconnected, the same technologies that enrich our daily lives — like digital thermostats and smart refrigerators and virtual assistants — also present serious cyber vulnerabilities, and that is why we cannot be satisfied to simply be prepared for, monitor and defend from these threats,” said Janice Glover-Jones, the Chief Information Officer at the Defense Intelligence Agency, said in her opening remarks at the Department of Defense Intelligence Information System Worldwide Conference,

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WannaCry Helps Push Cyber-Crime Attacks to New Heights in 2Q17

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WannaCry Helps Push Cyber-Crime Attacks to New Heights in 2Q17

ABSTRACT:  The second quarter of 2017 was the most active 90-day period ever for cyber-crime attacks, according to a new report from security technology firm ThreatMetrix. The Q2 2017 ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report was compiled using data on actual attacks that occurred from April to June 2017, as detected by the

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What you need to know about the Petya and WannaCry cyber attacks

Financial losses, data breaches and reputational damage are just some of the ways a cyber-attack can hit an organisation hard.

The Petya and WannaCry cyber-attacks in May and June are two of the biggest in history and impacted the finances of companies throughout the globe. A recent report by the insurers Lloyd’s of London said a major cyber-attack has the potential to cost as much as a natural disaster. 

WannaCry, which affected numerous organisations, including the NHS, spread to 150 countries and is estimated to have cost the global economy £6bn. 

Petya caused problems with shipping and invoicing for Neurofen manufacturers Reckitt Benckiser, who are expecting to make losses of about £100m as a result of the attack. Some of the world’s largest organisations including Cadburys and Oreo cookies manufacturer Mondelez were also affected by Petya.

A cyber-attack can also lead to a fine for a data breach – a prospect that will become

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Ransom DDoS attacks on the rise

Botnet analysis shows growth of attacks

An analysis of botnets, which is just one method for carrying out DDoS attacks and does not represent every DDoS attack, revealed that 86 countries came under DDoS attack from April to June 2017, an increase of 19% compared with the first three months of the year.

Another trend revealed by the analysis is a return to long duration DDoS attacks, with one attack in China during the quarter lasting for 277 hours, which is just more than 11 days. This represents a 131% increase on the longest running attack seen in the first quarter.  

At the same time, the proportion of the attacks that lasted less than 50 hours remained practically unchanged at 99.7% in the second quarter compared with 99.8% in the first quarter.

In terms of geographic location, almost half (47.42%) of the DDoS attacks were aimed at the

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