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Hundreds of Australians mourn death of 14-year-old cyber bullying victim

CANBERRA, Jan. 12 (Xinhua) — Hundreds of mourners on Friday attended a memorial service for Amy “Dolly” Everett at a Northern Territory school following her death by suicide which her parents said was a result of cyber bullying.

Attendees from across rural Australia wore blue, Dolly’s favorite color, to the funeral in solidarity with her family.

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on Thursday night issued a statement on social media, saying his heart was breaking for the Everett family.

“Dolly’s passing highlights the devastating impact that bullying can have on its victims,” Turnbull said.

“Every step must be taken to reduce the incidence of bullying, whether offline or on, and eliminate it wherever we can.”

A photo of Dolly as a child in an Akubra hat when she was the face of the iconic brand has gone viral since her parents, Tick and Kate Everett, released it as part of a social media campaign to

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Australians are world’s biggest cyberattack ransom payers: Malwarebytes survey

Michael Bailey


Michael Bailey

Australian small-to-medium enterprises are nearly twice as likely to pay a ransom demanded by cyber criminals as are their counterparts offshore, even though only 40 per cent of those who didn’t pay actually lost any files.

The level of corporate alarm at so-called “ransomware” has increased in the wake of 2017’s “WannaCry” and “Petya” attacks, where thousands of businesses and government organisations worldwide had their files locked up (or “encrypted”) pending payment

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Australians become top target making it ‘too easy’ for cyber-criminals

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Last year saw a ‘seismic shift’ in cyber-criminal behaviour, with more frequent and more ambitious attacks, according to Cyber Security Firm Symantec.

The firm’s Annual Threat Report listed interference in the US electoral process, multi-million virtual bank heists, and nation-state backed bank sabotage as examples of the escalating battles in the digital landscape.

Director of Symantec Security Response, Kevin Haley, said criminals and nation-states were exploiting simple software to achieve their ends.

“New sophistication and innovation is the nature of the threat landscape, but this year Symantec has identified seismic shifts in motivation and focus… nation states [have shifted] their attention from espionage to straight sabotage,” he said.

“Meanwhile, cybercriminals caused unprecedented levels of disruption by focusing their exploits on relatively simple IT tools and cloud services.”

The research found one out of every 131 everyday emails contained a malicious link or attachment that could be used for cybercrime – the

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