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At last, the true cost of cyber crime turns up on the books

But this cannot be brushed aside easily. There will be a price to pay to remedy the failings. What’s more, the attack is yet another ‘one off’ after problems in Korea and with new product launches, as Kepler Cheuvreux research notes.

As activists hover around the consumer goods sector, management should be on guard. You can get away with disappointments when things are going well. But the Reckitt story has lost its mojo. This will be the worst start to the year for Reckitt on record, according to Bloomberg Intelligence. Each acquisition makes the group more complex, creates distractions and makes it much harder to manage.

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Nowhere to Hide: 5 Books on the Changing Art of Stalking

Once upon a time, stalking someone took real effort. You had to find out the object of your infatuation’s address, then go there and spend long dull hours waiting for them to show up. If you wanted to follow them around the city, you needed transportation. Uncovering your target’s phone number, work address, and vacation plans required hours of hard labor, and if they got wise to your unwanted attention and changed their information or moved, you had to start all over again.

Today, on the other hand, an unhealthy obsession with another person can be fed with minimal effort – thanks to the Internet, it is quite easy to stalk someone from the comfort of your own bed.

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