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Chico cyber-bullying case getting attention online – Action News Now

Chico, Calif.–A pleasant valley high school senior is being bullied over the photo-sharing app, Instagram.

On Thursday many of those messages were getting a lot of attention online after a friend of the victim posted some of the screenshots for others to see.

Kaitlin Danielson is 23-years-old but she remembers all too well what high school was like. That’s why when she heard that one of her friends, a senior at the school was being cyber bullied, she took to the internet.

“I just wanted to orchestrate something that was more focused on her being able to see a support system,” she said.

The messages used inappropriate language to make fun of the victim’s physical appearance.

Many students were shocked by some of the messages.

“I couldn’t imagine receiving this or if I was a parent like seeing that, if I had to

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The changing face of bullying: What parents need to know

SUNSHINE Coast schools are lining up for programs to help protect kids from the burgeoning threat of cyber bullying.

Headspace Maroochydore community and youth officer Jacinta Hesse said cyber bullying was still a growing and evolving beast, and education on social media features heavily in Headspace’s bullying prevention program.

“That’s a huge part of young people lives in today’s day,” Miss Hesse said.

“There’s still that backyard, schoolyard biffs and brawls as we would think of bullying back in the day, but it is changing.”

Miss Hesse spoke to the Sunshine Coast Daily as an online anti-bullying campaign gained momentum in the wake of Queensland schoolgirl Amy “Dolly” Jane Everett’s suicide.

Miss Hesse believed most Sunshine Coast schools were making an effort to prevent bullying, with 15 schools already completing the Headspace anti-bullying program since it was launched last year.

Miss Hesse said the program was launched after studies showed 46.8 per cent of

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Suicide of Australian teen ad star sparks cyber-bullying campaign

SYDNEY (AFP) – The father of a teenager who starred in adverts for a well-known Australian hat brand and killed herself after being bullied online has vowed her life “will not be wasted” as a campaign against cyber-bullying gains traction.

A memorial for 14-year-old Amy Everett, known as Dolly, who was once the face of the wide-brimmed Akubra hat, is being held Friday following her suicide on January 3 after constant harassment.

Her family launched the #stopbullyingnow campaign, which has rapidly spread on social media, and plan to establish the “Dolly’s Dream” trust to raise awareness around bullying, anxiety, depression and youth suicide.

“This week has been an example of how social media should be used, it has also been an example of how it shouldn’t be,” her father Tick Everett said in an emotional Facebook post.

“If we can help other precious lives from being lost and the suffering of so many, then

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Family Says Former Child Model Killed Herself Over Bullying

The family of a former child model, widely known as the face of an Australian hat brand, claims she killed herself because she couldn’t stand cyberbullying she faced anymore.

Amy “Dolly” Everett was 14 when she ended her life, according to the New York Post.

“Doll had the strength to do what she thought she had to do to escape the evil in this world,” her father, Tick Everett, wrote on Facebook. “However, unfortunately, Dolly will never know the great pain and emptiness left behind.”

The family shared a drawing by Dolly of a skinny figure that was bent over backwards with the words, “speak even if your voice shakes” in bold. It was completed before taking her own life on Jan. 3.

“This powerful message tells the dark, scary place our beautiful angel had traveled to,” the family said.

Akubra hats posted an Instagram tribute to Dolly, who was the

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Anti-Cyber Bullying Campaign Launched After Suicide Of Former Akubra Child Model

The suicide of a 14-year-old girl who was once the face of iconic Australian outback hat maker Akubra has left the nation shocked, as her grieving family launch a campaign to raise awareness of cyber-bullying.

Amy “Dolly” Everett, who at eight years old was the face of Akubra, took her own life last week. Her family said her death came after she was victimised by cyber bullies.

A national anti-bullying campaign has been launched in the wake of

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Former child model killed herself over bullying: family

A former child model, who was once the face of an iconic Australian hat brand, killed herself because she couldn’t take being hounded by cyber-bullies anymore, her family said.

Amy “Dolly” Everett, who was 8 when she starred in an ad campaign for Akubra, was 14 when she committed suicide, her family announced Sunday.

“Doll had the strength to do what she thought she had to do to escape the evil in this world,” her father, Tick Everett, wrote on Facebook. “However, unfortunately, Dolly will never know the great pain and emptiness left behind.”

The grieving dad then invited the people who’d tormented his “precious little angel” to a service in her honor so that they could “witness the complete devastation” they created.

He then urged people to stop bullies and bullying so that Dolly’s life “will not be wasted.”

On Wednesday, the family said they would start a trust called Dolly’s Dream aimed

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Well-Known Australian Teenager Becomes New Face Of Cyber-Bullying Victims

The family of Amy “Dolly” Everett thanked the “overwhelming response we have received since our world came crashing down around us when our beautiful Dolly left our family”. Last week, their 15-year-old daughter committed suicide, which they said came after she was tormented by cyber bullies.

Amy was once the face of an iconic Australian hat company, Akubra, who posted the original photo of her from eight years ago. The company also posted a heart-felt message:

“Dolly could be anyone’s daughter, sister, friend. We need to make sure that anyone in crisis knows there is always someone to talk to. Be a friend, check up on your mates.”

Her photo has been shared more than 18,000 times on Facebook, and a message from her father has also gone viral.

Tick Everett posted to Facebook post with the news that Amy had taken her life “to escape

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Cyber-bullying campaign launched after suicide of Akubra face Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett


January 10, 2018 18:24:30

A young girl with a large Akubra hat with text across it saying #stopbullyingnow

Dolly Everett has been featured by Akubra since this photo was taken eight years ago. (Facebook: Akubra)

A 14-year-old girl from a well-known Northern Territory cattle family who took her own life last week has been remembered by her family as a “kind, caring and beautiful soul” as they launched a social media campaign to raise awareness of bullying and harassment.

The family of

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Brother of tragic porn star August Ames blames cyber-bullying and depression for her suicide – and reveals he is …

THE grieving brother of tragic porn star August Ames has revealed how cyber-bullying and depression were to blame for her suicide – and says he is still tormented by vile online trolls.

In an exclusive interview, just a month after the adult star took her own life, James Grabowski, 25, told Sun Online that he “continuously” receives “dirty” and “nasty” messages about his sister from cyber-bullies – even after her death.

 James says his sister August - real name Mercedes - was his best friend
James says his sister August – real name Mercedes – was his best friend

August – real name Mercedes Grabowski – hung herself at a park near her home in Camarillo, California, on December 5th after being hounded on Twitter over a post she made about a fellow performer.

The 23-year-old

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