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The changing face of bullying: What parents need to know

SUNSHINE Coast schools are lining up for programs to help protect kids from the burgeoning threat of cyber bullying.

Headspace Maroochydore community and youth officer Jacinta Hesse said cyber bullying was still a growing and evolving beast, and education on social media features heavily in Headspace’s bullying prevention program.

“That’s a huge part of young people lives in today’s day,” Miss Hesse said.

“There’s still that backyard, schoolyard biffs and brawls as we would think of bullying back in the day, but it is changing.”

Miss Hesse spoke to the Sunshine Coast Daily as an online anti-bullying campaign gained momentum in the wake of Queensland schoolgirl Amy “Dolly” Jane Everett’s suicide.

Miss Hesse believed most Sunshine Coast schools were making an effort to prevent bullying, with 15 schools already completing the Headspace anti-bullying program since it was launched last year.

Miss Hesse said the program was launched after studies showed 46.8 per cent of

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Now ransomware attacks Android: DoubleLocker locks your smartphone by changing the PIN

By Ankush Johar

An Android ransomware dubbed DoubleLocker can lock a victim’s phone by changing the device’s PIN and encrypts all the data stored in the device. This makes it nearly impossible for victims to access their data without paying a ransom.

According to researchers, this ransomware is distributed via a fake Adobe Flash Player apps spread using compromised websites. The ransomware asks the victim to grant administrative permissions which it then uses to activate the device’s admin rights and set itself as the default home application.

Whenever the user taps the home button, the ransomware gets activated and the device gets locked again but the user is unaware of the fact that the malware is activated every the home button is pressed.

The ransomware encrypts all data stored in the device using the AES encryption

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The Changing World of Cyber Liability Insurance

In May, a piece of ransomware known as “WannaCry” paralyzed businesses, government entities and Great Britain’s National Health Service in one of the largest global cyberattacks to date.

The following month, it was “Petya,” another massive cyberattack that crisscrossed the globe, bringing Russian oil companies, Ukrainian banks and a mass of multi-national corporations to their collective knees.

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GUEST COMMENTARY: Cyber detectives are gaining importance in our changing world

Bill Kahn of Maitland, Florida, has lectured on automation and electronic communications at hundreds of academic and other venues. He wrote this for InsideSources.com. The opinions are the writer’s.

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Changing cybersecurity landscape creates global threat, warns Accenture

The global cybersecurity landscape is set to experience rapid change and an increase in major attacks, according to a mid-year report released by Accenture.

The Cyber Threatscape Report 2017 , produced by iDefense, part of Accenture Security, predicts a continuation and escalation of high profile attacks seen in the first half of the year.

It also outlines the changing ways that hackers, both individual and state-sponsored, are looking to disrupt the landscape. It highlights their changing motivations and the different types of devices that can be maliciously exploited.

For instance, the report warns that the rapid adoption of IoT devices has created a significant rise in IoT botnets, which are expected to continue to grow as more diverse devices join the global network.

Ransomware has now displaced banking Trojans as one of the most common forms of malware

The explosion in the use of IoT devices means that the methods for protecting them are struggling to

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Nowhere to Hide: 5 Books on the Changing Art of Stalking

Once upon a time, stalking someone took real effort. You had to find out the object of your infatuation’s address, then go there and spend long dull hours waiting for them to show up. If you wanted to follow them around the city, you needed transportation. Uncovering your target’s phone number, work address, and vacation plans required hours of hard labor, and if they got wise to your unwanted attention and changed their information or moved, you had to start all over again.

Today, on the other hand, an unhealthy obsession with another person can be fed with minimal effort – thanks to the Internet, it is quite easy to stalk someone from the comfort of your own bed.

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