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Community loses funds to cyber crime

Scammers are targeting university population through online impersonations, fake phone calls

Editor’s note: Vicky’s name was changed to protect her identity

UTD victims lost nearly $50,000 to online and telephone scams this year. When students and faculty become more aware of the warning signs, scammers adapt to this consciousness and continue to victimize the UTD community.


Telephone scams are the most common type reported to UTD Police, but Lt. Ken Mackenzie said students are now looking for misspellings, wire transfer requests and other warning signs, thanks to an email he sends out once per semester.

“Scams are getting reported less because they’re happening less,” Mackenzie said. “We started sending out the emails three years ago, and now a lot the messages we receive are from students who didn’t fall for it.”

Historical studies freshman Vicky*

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London issues call to arms to cyber security community

Free membership scheme

John Unsworth, chief executive of the LDSC, detailed the progress made in the past year in the centre’s key objectives of setting up a free membership scheme, introducing a programme of activities in the community, and developing a marketplace of trusted, relevant and affordable security products and services.

Through the membership scheme, the LDSC has conducted security assessments on more than 400 small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), has partnered with more than 50 market-leading organisations to provide products and services, and has engaged directly with businesses by going door-to-door in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police.

“We have instigated academic research with Oxford University to independently assess our work and establish evidence of what works and what does not work in supporting businesses to improve their digital security,” said Unsworth.

Through these “high street” engagements and events in partnership with financial institutes

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Rumors About Me in the Secular Community



Caption: Meme saying “I don’t always engage with rumors about me, but when I do, I pull out all the stops” (From imgflip.com)




As I wrote earlier, rumors abound in the secular community, ranging from true to half-true to mostly false to completely false, and I have been the target of some myself.


The situation is so problematic that in 2013, the Secular Coalition for America published an Open Letter signed by a host of major leaders of national secular leaders about “improving the tone and substance of online discussions.” The letter read, in part: “We refuse to allow the deplorable conduct of a few to debase the reasonable, appropriate, and respectful conduct of the overwhelming majority of our community,” going on to say “we can resolve to avoid mischaracterizing the positions of others, relying on

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That Wave of Jewish Community Center Bomb Threats Might Have Been Bought in Bitcoin on AlphaBay

Jewish men stand outside Brooklyn’s Jewish Children’s Museum after a bomb threat on March 9, 2017. Photo: AP

Earlier this year, authorities accused 18-year-old dual US-Israeli citizen Michael Kadar of being the individual behind a terrifying, nationwide wave of bomb threats at predominantly Jewish schools and community centers. This week, it emerged authorities also believe Kadar was advertising a “School Email Bomb Threat Service” on AlphaBay, the massive dark net market which law enforcement raided and shut down last month.

On Monday, Seamus Hughes, deputy director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University, tweeted he came across a newly unsealed search warrant in Kadar’s case while looking through public federal court records. In the warrant, authorities claimed Kadar was Darknet_Legend, an AlphaBay seller advertising bomb threats for just $30-60 a

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When cyber-bullying comes from within the LGBTQ community


Blumee is a Jew – he wants you dead – the Jews use the gays – once they’re able they will exterminate the Greeco Roman traditions of the west. it’s the Jew’s Bible that condemns male to male sexuality – wake the fuc k up.

Someone by the screen name “Soldat für Christus” responded with the above to my recent commentary for LGBTQ Nation, “Why I Don’t Pledge My Allegiance to the American Flag.”

Though I gave a first-person account of the many reasons why I have chosen not to place my hand over my heart and robotically recite words to a tri-colored emblem, and I never once referred to my religious and ethnic heritage, this so-called Christian soldier continued:

america is no longer a sovereignty nation it is controlled by the Jews, politically and economic – we’re the Jews

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US man pleads guilty to charge of hoax bomb threats to Jewish Community Centers

Former journalist Juan Thompson pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one count of cyber stalking and one count of making at least 12 hoax bomb threats, some to Jewish Community Centers, as part of his campaign to intimidate his former partner.

“Fueling fear and distress, Juan Thompson made fake bomb threats to over a dozen Jewish Community Centers and organizations around the country,” said Acting US Attorney Joon H. Kim of the United States Attorney’s Office Southern District of New York in a statement. “As he admitted today in pleading guilty, Thompson made these threats as part of a cruel campaign to cyber stalk a victim with whom he previously had a relationship. Thompson’s threats not only inflicted emotional distress on his victim, but also harmed Jewish communities around the country.”

Thompson emailed in threats against the Jewish institutions that indicated his ex-girlfriend had sent them. He also made some in his own name but

Read more at: https://www.i24news.tv/en/news/international/147856-170614-us-man-pleads-guilty-to-charge-of-hoax-bomb-threats-to-jewish-community-centers

U.S./Israeli man charged in connection to threats at Jewish community centers

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Michael Ron David Kadar, 18, who holds dual United States and Israeli citizenship and who was recently arrested in Israel, was charged April 21 with making threatening calls to Jewish community centers in Florida, conveying false information to police dispatch regarding harm to private residents in Georgia, and cyber-stalking the Justice Department announced. The investigation into violent threats to Jewish community centers, schools and other institutions across this nation continues, including an ongoing investigation into potential hate crime charges.

According to a federal criminal complaint filed in Orlando, Florida, it is alleged that from Jan. 4 until March 7, Kadar made multiple threatening calls involving bomb threats and active shooter threats to numerous Jewish community centers throughout Florida. Although no actual explosives were found, many of the calls resulted in the temporary closure and evacuation or lockdown of the targeted facilities, and required law enforcement and emergency personnel to

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Cyber-criminals reap the benefits of cross-community collaboration

Hackers working together

A new report from Flashpoint shows the evolutions of the criminals’ communication strategies, tactics and tools. The research found that cyber-criminals are highly collaborative, much more so than the organisations they are targeting.

The study tracked the communication strategies and preferences of cyber-criminals and actors across Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese, Persian/Farsi and English-language cyber-crime communities and how they’ve evolved from 2012 to 2016.

Regardless of their language, skills, location or affiliation, cyber-criminals tend to share a strong desire to reap the benefits of cross-community collaboration, information sharing and even mentorship.

Skype is by far the most frequently mentioned messenger across the analysed cyber-crime communities. Microsoft’s bundling of Skype with its devices likely played a significant role in the popularity of the application. Other messengers evaluated in the study include ICQ, Jabber, PGP, AOL Instant Messenger, Telegram, WeChat, QQ, WhatsApp and Kik.

Skype use was highest across the English

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Recorded Future Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community

BOSTON, March 16, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Recorded Future, which provides threat intelligence powered by machine learning, today launched two apps — Recorded Future for IBM QRadar and Recorded Future for IBM Resilient. The Recorded Future apps integrate with IBM security intelligence technology and arm customers with real-time context so they can detect, understand, and respond to new threats with speed and confidence.

The new applications are available to the security community through IBM App Exchange, a marketplace where developers across the industry can share applications based on IBM security technologies. As threats are evolving faster than ever, collaborative development amongst the security community will help organizations adapt quickly and speed innovation in the fight against cyber crime.

Recorded Future for IBM QRadar
To enable security operations center (SOC) analysts to make faster verdicts and better manage the ever-increasing

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Jewish Community Centers in Kentucky, Connecticut Are Targets of Bomb Threats

Jewish community centers in Connecticut and Kentucky were the latest targets of separate bomb threats Wednesday, local authorities said, following a flurry of menacing calls and emails to facilities in several states a day earlier.

The first threat was emailed overnight to the Jewish Community Center in West Hartford, reported NBC Connecticut. Authorities and center officials swept the building, but found no explosives, the station said. It was the second time this year the center has been the subject of threats, according to police.

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Another bomb threat was called in to the Louisville Jewish Community Center around noon ET with authorities arriving minutes later.

“The building has been evacuated and all occupants have been taken to a safe area. There have been no injuries reported,” Louisville police said

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