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Top 10 ways to prevent cyber crime at work and at home

Cyberattacks today are unfortunately a common occurrence and on the increase. In fact, an average of 200,000 new malware samples are discovered daily, presenting an ominous threat to consumers at work and at home.

To help you teach employees and members how to avoid fraud on both fronts, our experts at CO-OP have compiled the following “top 10” list of cyber security tips. Sharing these guidelines throughout your community can help prevent cyber-breaches and all the devastation they leave in their wake.

  1. Don’t click on e-mailed links. Instead, type the website URL directly into the web browser’s address bar, or search for the site using a search engine like Google.
  2. Avoid opening any attachments you were not expecting. However, if you must, scan the attachment first for viruses.
  3. Keep computers patched and up to date. This includes operating systems like Windows

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Local businesses, sitting ducks for cyber crime

Local cyber security experts, IT academics, researchers and even a Federal Bureau of Investigations special agent were among technocrats speaking at the Third African Cyber Crime conference held yesterday.

Most of the experts cautioned that cyber security was being taken far too casually in a country where most of the business community is data and Internet reliant.

Prominent software developer, Itumeleng Garebatshabe said a recent survey of a commercial hub populated by Botswana Stock Exchange-listed companies had found gaping holes in cyber security.

“Our recent survey found that most of these BSE companies had their Wi-Fi networks open during the Christmas and Independence holidays,” he said. 

“This is dangerous as it exposes corporate information to hackers who could use the data for other purposes.  Most of these Wi-Fi networks are accessible metres away from those companies’ premises and people with evil intentions could easily crack the passwords and walk into their systems.”

Garebatshabe said

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Cyber cops fighting a new breed of ‘highly intelligent’ criminal as crime goes online

Detectives have revealed how they are battling a new breed of super smart crook as crime continues to move online.

Northumbria Police’s head of crime, Det Chief Supt Lisa Orchard, has admitted that cyber criminals are continually creeping one step ahead of officers as some of the biggest brains in Britain discover crime can pay if they use their intelligence to make more money on the wrong-side of the law.

But the force is now fighting back. And after investing heavily in its digital forensics base and staff, police are warning cyber criminals that the technology they use to commit their crimes could be the devices detectives use to snare them.

Lisa Orchard, Head of Crime at Northumbria Police

Lisa Orchard, Head of Crime at Northumbria Police

Det Chief Supt Orchard said: “Whatever type of crime we have it just seems the criminals evolve to overcome the barriers

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Fraud in England and Wales is up again as cyber crime and credit card fraud increase

Incidences of fraud increased again this year in England and Wales, as more than half of crimes took place online.

According to the latest crime figures for the year to June from the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau, there was a four per cent increase in fraud offences to over 653,000. This represents the fifth year in

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Cyber crime: Law firms vulnerable, risk of theft and insider trading …

Business man working at office with laptop and documents on his desk, consultant lawyer conceptShutterstock

  • Law firms are at risk of data
    breaches and often have inadequate cyber
  • Confidential documents sent in unencrypted emails are
    at risk of being stolen.

  • An estimated £85 million was stolen from firms
    over 18 months.

LONDON – Confidential information is at risk of being stolen from
law firms and being used for insider trading or sold to third
parties, according to legal experts.

Information held by law

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Tanzania: Reps Enlightened On Cyber Crime Act

Zanzibar — MEMBERS of the Zanzibar House of Representatives have been advised to follow proper procedures when using social media and internet, particularly avoiding emotion and offensive statements.

The advice was given by officers from the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) during the legislators’ seminar on ‘the Cyber Crime Act 2015’, of which lawmakers were educated about the law before its application extends to the Islands.

Zanzibar lawmakers learned about the law, why it was introduced, its challenges in implementation in the Mainland, differences between types of crimes under the law, and ethical behaviour even when online or social media.

“You are expected to observe ethics, even when you are attacked, do not respond using offensive language because you may also be committing a crime,” said Dr Philip Filikunjombe, a Senior Legal Officer at Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority.

Gracing the seminar, the Speaker of the House,

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Exploding cyber crime in India – E

Exploding cyber crime in India

Varun Kapoor *

Cyber Crime is emerging as the biggest threat to civil security and citizen safety in the country. A joint study conducted by ASSOCHAM (Associated Chambers of Commerce) Mahindra SSG revealed certain startling facts. Facts which have added a whole new dimension to the various aspects of cyber crime control.

This path breaking study had laid before the nation the fact that the cupboard of security is in a way totally empty. Before things get out of hand and uncontrollable action has to be taken and this has to be decisive and incisive action.

According to this study the year 2014 saw 1,49,254 cyber crime incidents occurring in the country. This is indeed a very huge figure and it shows that the cyber crime in the country is at a very high level. The same study suggests

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Police Cyber Crime Unit join Bristol ‘Law Firm Growth and Compliance’ CPD seminar

Redbrick Solutions are delighted to announce that the South West Police Cyber Crime Unit will be delivering a not to be missed presentation ‘The Cyber Threats You Can’t Risk Ignoring’ at the Bristol Law Firm Growth and Compliance CPD seminar on the 2nd November.

The first seminar ran in Leeds last month with expert speakers from Conscious Solutions, Lawyer Checker, Converge Technology Specialists and Audit Compliance all presenting topical and practical sessions essential to law firms.

Feedback from the Leeds event included “Mesmerising. The scariest compliance presentation I have seen.  Brilliant!” and “Excellent.  Really useful information, we have lots to do in our firm that we just weren’t aware of.”

To secure your place at the Bristol Law firm Growth and Compliance CPD seminar please click the link below: 

Bristol, Armada House – 2nd November 

The event carries 4.75 hrs CPD and is open to modern, progressive law firms. The roadshows are suitable

Read more at: https://www.todaysconveyancer.co.uk/partner-news/police-cyber-crime-unit-join-bristol-law-firm-growth-compliance-cpd-seminar