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Over 90 percent of security pros worry about cyber criminals using AI

AI security

While machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming key to cyber security, a new survey shows that a majority of security professionals worry that the technology could be used against them.

The study by cyber security company Webroot reveals that 91 percent are concerned about hackers using AI against companies in cyber attacks.

Among other findings is that the US is an early adopter of AI for cyber security, with 87 percent of US professionals reporting their organizations are currently using AI as part of their security strategy.

Three quarters of cyber security professionals in the US believe that, within the next three years, their company will not be able to safeguard digital assets without AI. Overall, 99 percent believe AI could improve their organization’s cyber security.

Respondents identified key uses for AI including time-critical threat detection tasks, such as identifying

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Botnets: How your computer might secretly be doing the work of international criminals

Your computer or router looks innocent enough. But it could be taking part in international crime without your knowledge.

That’s if it is being used in a botnet, or a collection of computers that have had malicious software installed on them that allows someone to direct them as a group from afar. Security experts say that botnets are one of the many dangers that are posed to computers and their owners – and the opportunities to use them are growing all the time.

The problem of botnets was highlighted this week when multiple law enforcement agencies announced they had shut down the Andromeda botnet. That constellation of computers, spread all around the world, were being collectively controlled and put to work doing criminal tasks for their masters.

The shutdown brings an end to one of the most prevalent, damaging botnets. But it highlights the sinister behaviour of such tools –

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Dumka police arrest 4 cyber criminals

Based on a tip-off, the Dumka police on Friday busted a cyber criminal gang and arrested four of its members at Kenduwatard village area within limits of Margomunda police station here on Friday, The police also seized seven Samsung mobile phones, two diaries, one  ATM card ,two additional sim and cash worth Rs 26,000 from the accused,Cyber Dy SP Ram Samad  told the Pioneer .

According to reports the accused have been identified as Tilak Kumar Mandal, Mithun Kumar Mondal son of Bahadur Mandal Jitendra Kumar Mandal and Raj Kumar Mandal son of Rup Lal Mandalfrom Kenduwatard village under Margomunda police station area of Dumka.

Cyber DY SP said that many more gangs are still operating across the region. The accused are between 25-30 years of age. Some of them are working under the guidance of their senior cyber criminals and extended family members, Samad added.

Cyber Dy SP told the pioneer today

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Why Android explosion is attracting cyber criminals on the dark web

Google’s Android operating system, which has transformed the smartphone market landscape, is powering more than two billion devices (including phones, tablets, televisions, etc.) and has just started to pick up speed in the enterprise world.

Such explosive growth is catching the attention of cyber criminals. Already we are seeing an uptick in Android ransomware kits in underground markets, selling for a much higher prices. Carbon Black’s research discloses that the median price of ransomware targeting Windows OS is $10, while Android-capable ransomware has a median range of $200.

Android ransomware is sure to proliferate in parallel with hardware advances as devices such as smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing other gadgets we use both at home and in the workplace. Some estimate there will be more than six billion smartphones by 2020. Many of these devices are being used for everything ranging from web browsing, paying bills, online banking,

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Cyber Criminals Are Part Of A New Mafia: Report

  • by Ray Schultz

    2 hours ago

Cyberattacks have grown in “scale, complexity and malice,” thanks to the group of malefactors called the New Mafia, according to a study by Malwarebytes. 

Ransomeware is
the tool of choice, says the study titled “The New Mafia: Gangs and

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Cyber Criminals Are Part Of A New Mafia: Report 12/07/2017

  • by Ray Schultz

    4 hours ago

Cyberattacks have grown in “scale, complexity and malice,” thanks to the group of malefactors called the New Mafia, according to a study by Malwarebytes. 

Ransomeware is
the tool of choice, says the study titled “The New Mafia: Gangs and

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Steal a march on cyber criminals through security by deception

Rise of deception tech

Based in San Francisco, Pivotal is one of the cyber security specialists developing deception technology and offering it as a key service to businesses.

The firm recently announced a feature for its Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) product called CredHub, which rotates datacentre credentials every few minutes or hours. Every time the credentials rotate, the data becomes useless to hackers, turning the system into an unsolvable game and rendering leaked credentials far less damaging.

Justin Smith, chief security officer of Pivotal, believes that companies should set up several sets of credentials and rotate them regularly to trick cyber criminals. “To many, hackers are the apex predators in the digital food chain. We reject that notion. Instead, it’s important to remove a key ingredient a hacker needs to mount a successful attack: time,” he says.

“Repair newly disclosed vulnerabilities; repair servers from a known good

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Sending Cyber Criminals The Right Message | West Yorkshire Police

Tuesday 28 November 2017


Father Christmas is expected to be busy this Christmas delivering thousands of internet enabled devices

such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets to people across the Yorkshire and the Humber region.

But there are plenty of Bad Santas out there, waiting for the chance to use those special Christmas treats to commit cyber-crime.

On so called ‘Cyber Monday’ members of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional Cyber Crime Team were on hand at the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds to offer some simple and straight-forward advice to protect their expensive gadgets.

Detective Inspector Tim Ingle leads the Unit. He said:

“Many people will have heard about cyber-crime but might not know exactly what it means or hold the mistaken belief that it only happens to banks or multinational companies.

Cyber material

“Nothing, however,

Read more at: https://www.westyorkshire.police.uk/news-appeals/sending-cyber-criminals-right-message

Why the Cyber-Criminals are Winning the Fight of Good vs. Evil

It’s become a regular habit now of when I go to any event, whether it’s an outing with friends, a family get-together, or any conversation really, and they ask what I do and I tell them I work in cybersecurity, that the conversation then goes one way.

They always say: “oh that must be interesting” and then they ask “What do you think of [insert latest breach here]?” In the recent months, it’s been “What do you think of Equifax?” I used to go into some rant about how big of a colossal screw-up it was, but I could tell about half way through my rant that I started to lose them because I started using terminology and phrases they weren’t familiar with. I would start talking about zero days, ignorance among end-users, patch management, cybersecurity’s budget, etc., and they looked completely lost. Now I just say “Well, how much time

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Cyber Monday 2017: Pennsylvanians Plagued By Cyber Criminals

PITTSBURGH, PA – Be careful where you click on Cyber Monday. Arriving with one of the year’s busiest online shopping days is the inevitability of Internet crime and Pennsylvania residents have proven plenty susceptible to it.

A new study by software application company OpenVPN reveals more than 106,000 Pennsylvanians lost $27.4 million to cyber crime last year. Pennsylvania tied with Connecticut as the 21st-worst state in the country when it comes to reported cyber crimes, fraud and identity theft.

The likelihood of such crimes increase on Cyber Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving where most retailers often offer online deals. A 40 percent spike in malicious crimes against consumers occurred on that day last year, according to the study.

In Pennsylvania, men between the ages of 50 and 59 should be especially careful on Cyber Monday. They were the most common demographic to fall victim to cyber crime last year.

How to guard against being

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