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Australian Government Discloses Breach of Defense Supplier’s Computer


According to the Australian government, hackers infiltrated certain defense contractor’s PC in 2016. Before launching the yearly threat report of the Australian Cyber Security Center scheduled for October 10, Dan Tehan Assistant Minister for Cyber Security couldn’t confirm the individual’s name behind the hack.


Managing to reach the Information Technology network, the intruders remained there for long as they stole vast volumes of data belonging to the defense supplier. When in November 2016, the Australian Cyber Security Center of the federal government became aware of the incident it assisted in halting the attack.


Tehan explained that the hacker could be a state-sponsored online thief or a normal cyber-criminal, either way the individual’s behavior prompted serious action. The minister said nothing could be fully confirmed, a usual hazard in this field of cyber-crime. He couldn’t also state the length of time the intruders stayed on the computer. However, according to him, the IT

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