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Sextortion affected men in Elliot Lake/Blind River

 Three Algoma men were extorted after performing sex acts on webcams for women they met online.


The incidents, involving one adult male in Elliot Lake and two men in Blind River, were reported in the last month, said Const. Bev Gauthier of Ontario Provincial Police.

One of the Blind River victims was told the sex video would be released to his friends if he didn’t send $300 via a money transfer service.

Gauthier couldn’t confirm if he made the cash payment. He did report the incident to police.

The man originally received an email that “came out of the blue” with a photo and a short message from a woman, said Gauthier. Contact continued via Skype.

“(Blackmail) doesn’t happen overnight,” said Gauthier. “The victims get a little comfortable.”

“Bedroom talk” began with the Blind River man. He, similar to other victims, saw a video of a woman undressing. He was asked to perform a sex act

Read more at: http://www.elliotlakestandard.ca/2018/01/11/sextortion-affected-men-in-elliot-lakeblind-river